Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2009-10 vs. Record Snow Seasons

Feb. 7 update: click here.

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Feb. 3 Update: The updated climate report for today posted within the last few minutes adds another 1.2" after midnight for a storm total of 3.3" and season-to-date of 27.3". For the other major regional locations, the storm snowfall and seasonal totals are:
Dulles trace today, no change  
BWI 4.9"/35.6"
The National Weather Service chart shows the overall Feb. 2-3 snowfall pattern for the Washington/Baltimore region:

Midnight Update: The chart has been updated to include the 2.1" reported through midnight tonight. The season's total of 26.1" is now just behind the 25th place season of 1982-3 with 27.6". Here are the other regional Feb. 2 daily and season-to-date totals:
Dulles 4.0"/31.1"
BWI 3.0"/33.7"
The BWI total is the 22nd highest in Baltimore records dating back to 1883. The record highest is 62.5" in 1995-6.

Tune back in on Wednesday for final storm totals.

Original post:
Not counting the snow falling tonight, the Washington, DC seasonal snowfall total of 24" is the 32nd highest since records began in 1888. This year is also the highest since the number 6 season of 2002-3 with 40.4".

How does the year so far stack up against the top snow seasons? The chart shows month-by-month and seasonal totals for the current season and the top 10, including the all-time record of 54.4" in 1898-99. The chart will be updated periodically during the rest of the season as conditions warrant.

Image (click to enlarge): Washington, DC monthly and seasonal snow totals for 2009-10 and record top 10 years; CapitalClimate chart from National Weather Service data, background image © Kevin Ambrose

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