Monday, April 26, 2010

April Anomaly: Washington's Warmest Final Four Five

April 30 PM Update: Today's temperatures:
High           83
Low 49
Average 66
Departure +5
Month-to-date 60.8
April 29 PM Update: A couple more cool days have pushed the monthly temperature for April down to 60.7°. Yesterday was the coolest of the month (relative to average). This puts 2010 in fifth place for warmest April, behind 1960 and just ahead of 1941. With an average of around 65° likely to end the month tomorrow, this position should hold. (Charts updated through April 29.)

April 26 PM Update: Today's temperatures:
High           62
Low 54
Average 58
Departure -1
Month-to-date 61.3
Today's slightly below average temperatures lowered the monthly average by 0.1°.

Original post:
Heading into the final week of April, the Washington DC monthly average temperature remains in the handful (7 times in the last 140 years) of years above 60°. The average so far of 61.4° is the fourth warmest in history. In order for the monthly mean to drop below 60°, this week would have to average below 53°.

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