Thursday, August 21, 2008

PM Update: Fay Makes Latest Landfall
Two More Possible in Florida

Latest PM Update: No change in strength or speed of motion at 11 pm.

Later PM Update: After apparently overexerting itself, Tropical Storm Fay is back to a more leisurely pace of moving westward at 2 mph as of 8 pm. Maximum winds remain at 60 mph.

Update: Added track map, updated race walk speed.

The center of Tropical Storm Fay has moved slowly back onshore this afternoon. It's now lumbering westward at a speed barely over half of a race walk, 5 mph. Maximum winds remain at 60 mph, and the torrential rains continue.

Because the expected westward track toward the Florida Gulf Coast could bring the center back over water yet again, there is considerable uncertainty in the intensity forecast. A Tropical Storm Watch has therefore been issued for the Gulf Coast from the Suwannee River to Indian Pass.

Images: Upper, St. Augustine radar from My-Cast; lower, forecast track from National Hurricane Center

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