Friday, August 22, 2008

PM Update: Fay Forges Onward, Slowly

Late PM Update: Tropical Storm Fay has continued to maintain its circulation over land today; maximum winds are still 45 mph. Forward speed has picked up a little, to 6 mph toward the west as of 5 pm. The edge of the broad center of circulation (not an "eye" in the full sense of the term) was edging back out over water by 7 pm.

Bands of strong showers and thunderstorms extend around the center of circulation in all quadrants. Torrential rain has continued for another day. A trained spotter in Duval Co., Florida reported 6" in a 12-hour period ending at 3 pm, with a storm total of 15.47". In Folkston, Georgia the roof of a hardware store collapsed under the weight of 6-10" of water.

Substantial additional rainfall is likely anywhere from southern Florida to southern coastal South Carolina. A Tropical Storm Warning remains in effect from Aripeka northward and westward to Destin.

Original post:
Tropical Storm Fay continues its leisurely tour of northern Florida this afternoon, waddling westward at 4 mph; maximum winds remain at 45 mph at 2 pm. The storm is still on track to make a fourth and possibly a fifth landfall on the Florida panhandle. See the previous post for Fay's near-record performance so far.

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