Friday, August 1, 2008

Olympics Pollution Watch: Contingency Plans Announced

Today's WaPo front page reports that Chinese officials have announced contingency plans in response to persistent pollution in Beijing:
On Thursday, the Ministry of Environmental Protection announced that officials would close 220 more factories, coal-fired power plants and steel plants in Beijing, as well as in nearby Tianjin city and surrounding Hebei province if air quality is forecast to be poor for any 48-hour period.

Beijing will also ban all forms of construction "if there is very unfavorable weather, and the air quality is forecast to not be up to standard for the next 48 hours," according to the ministry's Web site. Experts said they interpreted this to mean that the emergency plan would begin if Beijing's air pollution index, or API, was forecast to be 100 or more for two days in a row.
Reports also appear in NYTi and WSJ.

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EliRabett said...

Let me give you an idea of how bad it is. Take a look at Monet pictures of London, such as the three at the link . That's what it looks like, as I found out on trips to China and Eastern Europe.

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