Monday, July 28, 2008

EPA Email-gate: Document Peekaboo

The story of the Environmental Pollution Agency's childish games to cover up its aborted CO2 regulation process continued with a report on Friday buried 18 pages behind the WaPo's ongoing multi-part rehashing of a 7-year-old murder investigation. The WaPo article describes how the EPA provided a peekaboo copy of the Dec. 5 email from the agency to the White House proposing to regulate greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act. The email was provided only in hard copy and on loan for viewing by 3 Senators and their aides. Excerpts from the document, published on the Energy and Public Works Committee web site, include:
In sum, the Administrator is proposing to find that elevated levels of GHG concentrations may reasonably be anticipated to endanger public welfare.
Meanwhile, EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson has "declined" to testify to multiple Senate committees regarding the interference of the White House in the decision-making process. At a press conference, Sen. Boxer (D-CA) condemned the Administrator's actions.

Climate Progress has more commentary on "Bush's Puppets".

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