Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weekly Weather Wee View: US National Temperature Warmer Than Average 31st Consecutive Week, 48th Out of Last 52

CapitalClimate analysis of National Weather Service reports from 214 stations across the 48 contiguous states shows that the unadjusted US national average temperature was 2.9° above normal for the week ending yesterday, July 14. This was the 31st consecutive week and the 48th out of the last 52 with warmer than average temperatures. The last time there were 4 consecutive weeks cooler than average was in March 2011.

After several weeks of persistently cool temperatures in the Pacific Northwest, the area of warmest temperatures relative to average shifted westward, while heavy rain produced cool temperatures along the western Gulf Coast. The warmest temperature departure was at Yakima, Washington, with +15°F, and the coolest was Beaumont, Texas, with -6°F. Overall, 82% of reporting locations were warmer than average.

Images (click to enlarge):
- Weekly average U.S. temperature departures from normal, weeks ending June 4, 2011 (20110604) through July 14, 2012 (20120714); CapitalClimate chart from NOAA/NCDC data
- Weekly average NWS station temperature departures from normal, week ending July 14, 2012; stations listed alphabetically by state and 3-character station identifier; CapitalClimate chart from NWS data
- Average U.S. temperature departure from normal for week ending July 14, 2012 from High Plains Regional Climate Center

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