Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Minneapolis: Another 1910 Heat Record About to be Crushed

In the previous post, we noted that Chicago is well on its way to smashing the record for warmest March, despite the extreme temperatures which were observed in 1910. Now, let's look at Minneapolis, where the March 1910 heat was even more extreme relative to the long-term average (over 12° above).

Through the preliminary high/low results for today of 53°/40° (9° above average), the monthly average temperature at Minneapolis stands at 48.5°. This is 3.5° above the previous record in 1910. Based on the current forecast of temperatures reaching as high as 71° on Saturday, the 31st, the projected average for the month is another 0.3° higher at 48.8°.

Here are some other noteworthy temperature records set this March at Minneapolis, from the National Weather Service:
- As of March 28th, the maximum temperature in the Twin Cities has reached or exceeded 70 degrees on 8 days, breaking the all time March record of 5 days set in 1910.

- The Twin Cities maximum temperature reached or exceeded 70 degrees for four consecutive days (March 16-19), breaking the previous record of three consecutive days which occurred on March 23-25, 1939 and March 22-24, 1945.

- When the Twin Cities temperature reached 80 degrees on March 17, it was the first 80 degree temperature since October 9, 2011. The span without 80 degree temperatures was 159 days, the fewest consecutive number of days without 80 degrees in the modern record.

- March 23 2011 through March 22 2012 was the warmest 365 day period on record, back to 1871, with an average temperature of 50.5 degrees.

- Temperatures in the Twin Cities stayed above the average high temperature for an incredible 13 days in a row, from March 13th through March 25th.

- The high of 80 degrees on March 17th is the earliest 80 degree temperature on record for the Twin Cities. The previous record for the first 80+ degree temperature of the year was March 23rd, set in 1910.

- The new maximum low temperature of 61 degrees, recorded on March 18th and 19th, is also the highest low temperature on record during the month of March in the Twin Cities. The previous record was 59 degrees set on March 17, 2012. The long standing record, prior to this year was 57 degrees set on March 27th and 29th 1910.
Images (click to enlarge): Minneapolis March 2012 average temperature to date and projected final average vs. 10 previous warmest Marches, CapitalClimate chart from National Weather Service data; Minneapolis daily high and low temperatures for March 2012 to date vs. average, National Weather Service charts

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