Sunday, March 4, 2012

2nd Warmest Winter Confirmed at Boston, Rest of Southern New England

The previous report of the second warmest winter on record at Boston has been confirmed by the National Weather Service. It was also the 6th warmest December and the 3rd warmest February. The trace of snow in December was the second least snowiest, and the 0.9" in February was the 8th lowest amount. The 1.00" of precipitation was the 5th lowest for February.

It was also the second warmest winter at Hartford, Providence, and Worcester. Other records set in southern New England were:
Hartford CT
Dec: 3rd warmest, least snow (trace; tie with 1927, 2006)
Feb: 2nd warmest, 7th driest
Providence RI
Dec: 4th warmest, 2nd least snowy
Feb: 6th warmest, 5th driest
Worcester MA
Dec: 3rd warmest, record lowest snow (0.3", tie with 1892)
Feb: 3rd warmest, 9th least snowy, 7th driest

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