Monday, November 2, 2009

Financial Times: "Follow the Science"

The lead editorial in today's Financial Times newspaper strongly endorses a science-based climate change policy:
As next month’s Copenhagen conference approaches, politicians should not be distracted by the apparently growing volume of sceptical voices challenging the need for global action against climate change. Some of the sceptics may have scientific backgrounds but they are not in the mainstream of contemporary climate research. The real experts – hundreds of scientists worldwide who are examining the link between climate and carbon dioxide emissions – have no doubt that man-made global warming is a real crisis that must be addressed urgently.
The FT editors also show serious skepticism on geo-engineering:
Fortunately the science becomes much clearer when we move from predicting the climate itself to assessing how best to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Forget about esoteric "geo-engineering" proposals to cool the earth. Technology that already exists (or is in development) can do the job perfectly well by increasing the efficiency with which we use carbon-based energy.
An editorial in tomorrow's FT will "outline the policies that can make a real difference to climate change without causing unacceptable disruption to the global economy."

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