Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Record July Cold in Madison, Wisconsin

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The National Weather Service reports that July was the coldest on record at Madison, Wisconsin. It was also a very dry month in the state:
The average temperature at Truax Field in Madison for July 2009 was a record 65.7 degrees or 5.9 degrees below normal. The previous record was 66.7 degrees in 1891. Records go back to 1869. It was also a dry month with 1.94" of rainfall. This makes July 2009 the 7th driest on record for Madison. The driest July was in 1909 when only 0.29" of rain fell.

The average temperature at Mitchell Field in Milwaukee for July 2009 was 68.6 degrees or 3.5 degrees below normal. This is not cool enough to be in the top 10 coolest on record. However, it was dry and the 0.71" of rain that fell during July 2009 at Mitchell was the 4th driest on record. The driest July was in 1936 when only 0.28" of rain fell.
Image (click to enlarge): Daily temperatures, May-July, 2009, at Madison, Wisconsin, from National Weather Service

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