Monday, January 5, 2009

PM Update: Inauguration Weather Outlook Trending Less Cool

Today's extended forecast for the week ending the day before Inauguration, Jan 13-19, from the Climate Prediction Center shows the area of below-average temperatures continuing to shrink. The Washington, DC region remains just on the edge of the area for 40% or greater chances of cooler than average temperatures.

For precipitation, most of the East Coast is still in the 40%+ category for below-average amounts.

Looking back: The forecast made a week ago for the week starting tomorrow called for below-average temperatures in the region, and that appears likely to be correct.

Today's temperatures:
High 51
Low 37
Departure from average: +9

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Images (click to enlarge): 8-14 day temperature and precipitation forecasts from Climate Prediction Center/National Weather Service/NOAA

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