Saturday, March 3, 2012

Confirmed EF3 Tornadoes in Eastern Kentucky Strongest Ever Observed in At Least 3 Counties

The National Weather Service confirmed late this afternoon that the tornado yesterday in Menifee and Morgan Counties was rated EF3. The tornado at Salyersville in Magoffin County was also an EF3. According to the National Climatic Data Center database of storm reports, these are the first EF3 or higher tornadoes ever reported in these 3 counties since official records began in 1950. In fact, only 1 tornado as strong as F1, on 06/02/1990, has been reported in Menifee County. The strongest previous tornado in Morgan County was an F2 on 09/29/1972. Magoffin County has had no previous tornadoes as strong as F1 and only 1 F0.

Image (click to enlarge): Number of tornadoes F2/EF2 or higher intensity by county in eastern Kentucky, 1950-2011, from NWS

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