Monday, August 22, 2011

Texas Toasted: Houston Ties Breaks Annual 100° Day Record, Exceeds Consecutive Day Record By Over a Week

6 PM CDT Update: Today's high at Houston was 101°. And don't forget Austin, where tomorrow is Tie Day.

4 PM CDT Update: The temperature at Houston Intercontinental is 100° at 4 pm, breaking the record with 33 days so far this year and extending the consecutive day and monthly records to 22.

Original post:
With a temperature of 99° at 3 pm, local time, downtown Houston (Intercontinental Airport) is 1° away from breaking its record for the number of days in a year with temperatures of 100° or higher. The high temperature of 103° yesterday tied the record of 32 days originally set in 1980. It was the 21st consecutive day with 100° temperatures. The previous record was 14 days ending July 19, 1980. The previous record for total number of days in a calendar month was 18, also in July, 1980.

Houston Hobby, with 12 days so far this year, is one behind its record in 1998 and 2000. Downtown Houston climate records began in 1892, and Hobby records began in 1930.

The Houston average temperature so far this month of 90.6° is an amazing 2.9° above the previous August record of 87.7 set last year. The previous hottest Augusts were:

87.7 2010
87.5 1962
87.1 1951
86.8 1999
86.8 1902
86.6 1980
86.5 1993
86.2 2009
86.2 1987
86.2 1964

Image (click to enlarge): Current (through Aug. 21) and record number of yearly 100° days in southeastern Texas, including Houston, from National Weather Service

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