Saturday, July 23, 2011

Record Mid Atlantic Heat Continues;
Update: Atlantic City Has Second Hottest All-Time Temperature

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Record-setting triple digit temperatures continued for a second day today (July 23) in the Mid Atlantic area. The high of 102° at Washington National broke the old record of 101° in 1991. There are now over 120 years of difference between the record low temperature for the date (56° in 1890) and the high temperature. Barring some evening thunderstorms, the morning low of 84°, if it holds through midnight, will tie the all-time warmest low temperature at Washington.

The high of 99° at Washington Dulles tied the record set in 1991.

The 102° at Baltimore BWI tied the July 23 record of 102°, also set in 1991. The Baltimore Inner Harbor high was 103°.

The high of 103° at Salisbury, Maryland broke the 1952 record by 3°.

Norfolk tied its 103° record, also from 1952.

In New Jersey, the high of 105° at Atlantic City blasted away the 1991 record of 100° by 5°.

Trenton also destroyed its 1991 record by a comparable amount with a new record of 104° vs. the old one of 99°.

The 100° at Reading, Pennsylvania broke the old record of 99° in 1955.

Another 1991 record was eclipsed at Philadelphia, where the 101° surpassed the previous 99°.

In Delaware, the 1991 record of 99° at Wilmington was replaced with a new record of 100°.

Georgetown DE had a high of 104°, which wiped out the 1952 record of 101°.

All 8 of the major climate reporting stations in the Philadelphia region, with the exception of Mt. Pocono and Allentown, set daily records.

According to National Weather Service records, the 105° at Atlantic City tied the second hottest temperature ever observed in records which date back to 1874. The previous second place value occurred yesterday, so 3 of the top 10 hottest temperatures at Atlantic City have now been recorded this year. The top 10 hottest temperatures through yesterday were:
Rank  Value  Date
1 106.0 6/28/1969
2 105.0 7/22/2011
3 104.0 7/3/1966, 8/7/1918
5 103.0 8/9/2001
6 102.0 6/9/2011, 7/6/2010, 7/4/1966, 7/21/1930
10 101.0 8/8/2007

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