Thursday, October 14, 2010

Endless Summer XIV: More All-Time Seasonal Heat Records

As previously reported, it was a record hot summer not only in the Washington/Baltimore area but also in much of the Southeast. In addition to the earlier list, here are some other major climate locations with record hot summer temperatures, from the Extreme Weather Guide:
Richmond, VA:      avg: 81.3° (old record 80.0° summer of 1994)
Atlantic City, NJ: avg: 77.5° (old record 75.8° summer of 2005)
Philadelphia, PA: avg: 79.6° (old record 78.9° summer of 1995)
Trenton, NJ: avg: 77.7° (old record 76.5° summer of 1898)
Wilmington, DE: avg: 77.8° (old record 77.7° summer of 1900)
Norfolk, VA: avg: 81.1° (old record 80.0° summer of 1994)
Tampa, FL: avg. 84.5° (old record 84.2° summer of 1998)
Lakeland, FL: avg. 84.6° (old record 84.4° summer of 1987)
One location reported the coldest summer on record:
Santa Barbara, CA: avg: 61.9° (old record 62.2° summer of 1955) 
Image: U.S. temperature departure from 1971-2000 average for June-August 2010 from NOAA/ESRL/PSD

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