Thursday, September 23, 2010

Endless Summer VIII: Day 65 of 90°+ Temperatures

5:30 PM Update: And the preliminary high temperature for today at Washington is 93°. With a morning low of 71°, that's a daily temperature 14° above the climatological average.

The 93° at Washington Dulles ties the daily record for the second consecutive day. Baltimore's BWI made it only to 89°.

Richmond hit 97°, only 1° below the daily record, and Raleigh's 99° blasted away the previous daily record from 1980 by 5°.

Original post:
The 3 pm temperature at Washington is 92°. Today is the 65th day of 2010 with temperatures of 90° or higher, just 2 days short of the record in 1980.

Richmond and Raleigh (currently both 96°) are extending their records by one more day.

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