Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dodge City Smashes All-Time Precipitation Record

The National Weather Service has reported that extremely heavy rainfall over the Fourth of July weekend set an all-time 24-hour rainfall record at Dodge City, Kansas, exceeding the old record from 1899 by almost 1".
A band of thunderstorms developed early Sunday evening from just north of Dodge City into the St. John area. This band moved slowly south to Dodge City and produced heavy rain…especially over the northeastern part to the airport. A total of 2.62 inches of rain had fallen between 9 pm and 10 pm at the airport. That band of storms had moved out of the area shortly after 10 pm. More thunderstorms moved into Dodge City between 11 pm and midnight and produced more heavy rain. That rain ended shortly after 2 am. The last batch of rain moved in after 7 am the following morning and ended by around 930 am. In all…a total of 6.95 inches of rain had fallen at the Dodge City Regional Airport in less than 24 hours. This established a 24 hour record for precipitation for Dodge City. The previous record was 6.08 inches on June 7th and 8th way back in 1899.
Top 5 24 hour precipitation totals for Dodge City:
1.        6.95 inches           July 4-5, 2010
2. 6.08 inches June 7-8, 1899
3. 5.89 inches September 16-17, 1906
4. 5.56 inches April 30 – May 1, 1978
5. 5.32 inches May 25-26, 1898
The monthly precipitation to date of 7.36" is now the second highest July total on record. The current record of 9.13" was set in 1962. Dodge City records began in 1875.

Image (click to enlarge): 24-hour rainfall ending July 5 in the vicinity of Dodge City, Kansas; from National Weather Service

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