Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Washington Approaches Ties Exceeds All-Time June Temperature Record

June 25 Update: Yesterday's record high of 100° and record high minimum of 78° bring the month-to-date average up to 79.9°, 6.1° above average and half a degree above the old June record.

June 23 Evening Update: Today's preliminary high temperature was 97°, giving a departure from average of +10°.

June 23 Late PM Update: The 5 pm temperature of 96° has pushed the daily average to at least 85° and the month-to-date to 79.5°, assuming the morning low holds through midnight. This exceeds by 0.1° the average for the record hottest June in 1994. It also exceeds the average July temperature of 79.2°. (Chart updated with current data.)

The record warm June temperatures extend at least as far south as Richmond, where the monthly average to date of 80° exceeds the record of 79.2° in 1943.

June 23 PM Update: With a 1 pm temperature reaching 94° following a morning low of 74°, the daily average so far today of 84° pushes the June mean to at least 79.4°, tying the June record in 1994.

This is now the 5th consecutive 90°+ day and the 12th so far this month.

Original post:
Washington's high temperature of 96° on Tuesday was well short of the record for June 22 of 101° in 1988, but the day's average of 85° was 9° above the normal for the date. This raised the monthly average so far by 0.3° to 79.3°, just 0.1° below the all-time June record set in 1994 and 0.5° above the second-warmest June in 1943. The long-term average temperature for June is 74.5°.

There have now been 11 days in June with high temperatures of 90° or above, including the last 4 consecutive days. Since the average number for the entire month of June is 7.4, this is a little more than double the normal ratio of 90°+ days.

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