Friday, May 7, 2010

Washington's Warmest Week, Second Consective Month

PM Update: As of 5 pm, the high is 77°, bringing the 7-day average to 74.1°, a full degree above the 1930 record. This value should hold, barring the highly unlikely event of a low below 59° before midnight.

Original post:
Following the record warmest first week of April, Washington's summer-like first week of May is on the verge of setting another record. Since records began at or near the current location of Washington National Airport in 1930, there have been only 2 years in which May 1-7 averaged above 70° (1949 and 1930). Following yesterday's midnight low of 66° after a high of 84°, the average through May 6 is 75.1°, well above the 73.1° for the first week of May in 1930. This morning's low of 59° with a forecast high of at least 75° this afternoon yield an expected weekly average of 73.9° or more.

Interestingly, there have been no daily high temperature records set or tied during this period. On May 3, however, the record high minimum of 70° blew away the old record of 65° in 1983. The minimum of 71° on May 2 was also a new record. In 1930, record highs were set on both the 2nd and 7th.

Dulles Airport, which has less than 50 years of history, did set a record on May 1 with 90° and tied the record of 88° on the 2nd. Dulles also set record high minimums on 3 consecutive days, May 2-4. The 70° low on the 2nd was only 1° below the all-time May high minimum of 71° on the 31st.

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