Thursday, April 16, 2009

Source of Slick Willy's A.-Gore-aphobia Revealed:
It's Jeanetic!

April 24 Update: Added Stephen Colbert video from April 21

Original post:
How can you tell when George "F" Will is spouting trash about climate science? His quill pen is in his writing hand. Apparently that isn't the only part of Will's anatomy still residing in another century: His pants are too tight.

Oh, and he didn't even get the correct name of the organization he misquoted on Arctic ice extent.

Image (click to enlarge): L.L. Bean Natural Fit jeans. Try 'em out G-Dub; they're very comfortable, even if the only exercise you get is sharpening your quill pen. They are made by illegal immigrants in Mexico, however.

Colbert Concurs, Condemns Demon Denim:

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George Will's Demon Denim
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