Thursday, April 2, 2009

Will-Fully Lying, Again
WaPo Fact-Checkers AWOL

Having already gone platinum, the WaPo's poster boy for journalistic lack of integrity, George Will, today repeats one of the lies he was already called on from his previous assault on climate science. What is he aiming for now, titanium? Perhaps he's shooting for the Black Card (as in carbon fiber).

This latest mendacity by the Will-Full liar is effectively demolished by the Loom at Discover, so we won't waste time rehashing the details. However, for those who are not privileged to have the carbon-based publication soiling their doorstep daily, you might be interested in a little rundown of who's paying the bills on the sinking WaPo ship. Besides the full page Cato rant on Monday, here's what was supporting Will's juvenile scribblings on today's page A21:
  • A4: GM full page, black & white
  • A7: Oil and gas industry full page, color
The only other full-page ads in the A section are from Shoppers grocery and Macy's.

ClimateProgress says, "The Washington Post, abandoning any journalistic standards, lets George Will publish a third time global warming lies debunked on its own pages." If you want an explanation, just follow the money, as Woodward and Bernstein did when they were committing acts of real journalism.

Image (click to enlarge): 5-year chart of Washington Post Co. stock price vs. S&P 500 from, via Fidelity Investments

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