Thursday, March 10, 2005

Mid-day update

A very weak trough of low pressure moved over the area this morning, bringing with it some light snow flurries, enough to whiten the ground in a few areas. Washington National reported light snow at 8am with a temperature of 28. Temperatures are a bit higher than yesterday at this time, in the mid 30's at noon and upper 30's at 1pm. Highs should be in the low 40's under partly cloudy skies.

As Josh explains below, the model predictions are bringing a low pressure area which was over Minnesota this morning southeastward and off the coast. This has the potential to give us some light precipitation on Friday and Friday night. We have been misled at times by the models recently, but both major U.S. models this morning were showing that temperatures in the lower half of the atmosphere will be cold enough for anything which does fall to be snow. As has been usual in the recent upper air flow pattern, the major storm development should be off the coast with most of the precipitation occurring in northern and eastern New England.

Broadcast news
Our friend Tony Pann of Channel 9 will be starting a weekly weather talk show beginning April 10 on WCBM 680 AM at 3pm.

Don't try this at home, kids
You wouldn't want to try this with WSSC water rates, but check out NPR's report yesterday on what you could do with industrial quantities of water, months of sub-freezing air, and perhaps a wee bit too much time on your hands in the long Alaskan winter.

Image: Ice sculpture from Alaskan Alpine Club, via NPR

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