Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Muller Keeps Spinning

Self-designated climate expert Richard Muller appeared on the Diane Rehm show on NPR this morning, along with Juliet Eilperin, a shark book author and occasional environment reporter, and Michael MacCracken, chief scientist at the Climate Institute. Although apparently now convinced of 1980s-level climate science, Muller kept spinning the story as a political issue, almost immediately casting it as a Republican vs. Democrat story (i.e., Republicans were "more aware" of the "terrible quality" of the temperature record).

Among the voluminous Muller whoppers:
- Katrina is irrelevant because it was only a Category 3 at New Orleans
- Precipitation extremes are not significant
- Emissions are China's fault
- Decades of previous inaction are not a problem

Audio at the link, if you can stand it:
New Consensus On Climate Change


Anonymous said...

Muller is obviously making a bid for a science advisory position in the Mitt Romney Administration. James Hansen, look out! :)

CapitalClimate said...

Good point, but unfortunately Muller is far to the left of Romney/Ryan's climate position.

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