Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Update: NCDC Regional Data Confirm 6th Month of U.S. Weekly Warmth

National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) preliminary regional data confirm that the U.S. has completed its 26th consecutive week of warmer than normal temperatures on June 9. This marks 6 full months of continuously warm average temperatures. The geographically adjusted national average (NAT) was 0.55°F above the climatological normal, up from 0.28°F the previous week.

Of the 9 climate regions, 5 were below normal: Northeast (NE), Central (C), Southeast (SE), Northwest (NW), and West (W). The other 4 were above normal: East North Central (ENC), West North Central (WNC), South (S), and Southwest (SW). The coolest region relative to average was the Northwest (-4.8°F), and the warmest was the West North Central (+3.6°F). As shown on the chart, each region reversed between warm and cool in the past 2 weeks, except for the South and Southwest, which remained warm.

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