Friday, February 3, 2012

Heat Record Numbers Continue Crushing Cold Count Into February, 176 to 0 (Plus 2 in Alaska, You Betcha', Sarah P)

Image (click to enlarge): U.S. daily high temperature records tied or broken ("X"), February 1-2, 2012, from National Climatic Data Center

5 PM Update: Tom Nelson really is a bot if he thinks this in any way supports his agenda, but thanks for the link, anyway. (While you're here, bot fans, please check out some of the other 211 posts on the subject of record temperatures.)

Original post:
The overwhelming ratio of daily high temperature records to low temperature records has continued from January into the first 2 days of February. Preliminary reports from the National Climatic Data Center show 176 heat records broken in the first 2 days of the month, vs. 0 cold records in the lower 48 states, plus all of 2 in Alaska. You betcha', partial-term governor Sarah Palin, it really is cold in Alaska.

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