Thursday, June 9, 2011

Record Mid-Atlantic Heat Continues: Baltimore Ties Record by 1 PM;
Update: Baltimore Hits 100°, Earliest Ever in Atlantic City, DC Ties

5 PM Update: Newark raised its record temperature to 102°, beating the old record by 3°.

4:10 PM Update: The National Weather Service reports that Washington hit 102° between hours, tying the all-time June record set in 1874.

Washington Dulles has also broken its record with 97°, exceeding the 96° in 1999.

4 PM Update: Washington's temperature is 101° at 4 pm, 1° below the record for the date and the all-time June record. This is also tied for the second earliest 100° or higher. The earliest was on June 5, 1925.

2:30 PM Update: The heat is particularly intense in New Jersey. The National Weather Service reports that Atlantic City NJ has already blasted away its old record of 98° from 2008 with a reading of 101°. This is also the earliest 100° temperature by almost 2 weeks, surpassing the old record on June 22, 1988.

The 101° at Newark NJ breaks the old record of 99° in 2008.

Toms River NJ is also at 100°.

2 PM Update: Baltimore has hit 100° between hours to break the record. This is the second earliest 100° temperature at Baltimore. The earliest was 101° on June 5, 1925.

Downtown Baltimore is 102°. Washington has reached 99°. Frederick MD is still at 100°. Salisbury MD, Culpeper VA, and College Park MD are all 99°.

Original post:
The record Mid Atlantic early summer heat wave continues today. As of 1 pm, Baltimore has already tied its June 9 record high temperature of 98°, last reported in 1933. The 98° at Washington National is still short of the record of 102°, which is also the all-time June record high. Washington Dulles is at 95°, just below the record 96° in 1999.

Frederick MD and downtown Baltimore are both at 100°.

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