Monday, April 19, 2010

PM Update: April Temperature Drops to Third Warmest

April 21 Midnight Update: Today's temperatures:
High           57
Low 53
Average 55
Departure -3
Month-to-date 61.3
The high and low were within less than 2 hours of each other (9:20 and 11:06 pm, respectively). This month drops to fourth place, behind 1985.

April 20 PM Update: Today's temperatures:
High           69
Low 47
Average 58
Departure 0
Month-to-date 61.6
Original post:
Following the coldest day of the month on Sunday the 18th and a slightly below normal Monday, Washington's average temperature for April has dropped to 61.8°. This makes April 2010 the third warmest April so far, behind 1981 and 1994. Near average temperatures forecast the rest of this week will likely further erode the month-to-date average.

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