Sunday, March 14, 2010

U.S. Temperature Review: 29th Coldest February Caps 18th Coldest Winter

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The National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) preliminary analysis, posted last week, shows that U.S. February 2010 average temperatures were the 29th coldest out of 116 years of records. Meteorological winter (December 2009-February 2010) was the 18th coldest.

Nationwide, the average temperature was 32.4°F, or 2.2° below the long-term average in February. The coldest temperatures relative to average were across much of the Deep South. Temperatures were also below average in the Plains and Mid Atlantic area. For the South and Southeast, it was the 7th coldest February. Southern states which had their top 10 coldest Februaries included:
  • 4th coldest: Florida
  • 5th coldest: Louisiana
  • 6th coldest: Alabama, Georgia, and Texas
  • 7th coldest: Arkansas
  • 8th coldest: Mississippi, South Carolina
In the Mid Atlantic region, both Maryland and Virginia had their 20th coldest February. Delaware had its 23rd coldest, and it was the 16th coldest for West Virginia.

The warmest readings were found in the Pacific Northwest and northern New England. States having top 10 warmest Februaries were:
  • 3rd warmest: Maine
  • 5th warmest: New Hampshire
  • 6th warmest: Washington
Images (click to enlarge): U.S. February average temperature since 1895, statewide temperature ranks for February 2010 and winter 2009-2010 (December-February); from NCDC

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