Monday, February 22, 2010

Update: Washington, DC Breaks Modern February Record For Days of Snow on Ground

For related posts, see:Feb. 22 AM Update: A remaining snow depth of 1" this morning gives Washington 21 days in February with snow on the ground, breaking the record from 1934. The average snow cover for the month is now 9.8".

Dulles has a snow depth of 5", and BWI is at 3".

Feb. 22 Update: A high temperature of 50° on Sunday led to 2" more of melting, but 2" of snow remains on the ground at 1 am, virtually assuring that the record will be broken 6 hours from now.

Dulles is at 5", and BWI has 3" of snow on the ground.

Feb. 21 AM Update: Today's 4" snow depth ties 2010 with 1934 for the record highest number of February days (20) with snow cover since 1930. Average snow depth for the month so far is 10.2".

Feb. 20 AM Update: Temperatures remained above freezing overnight for the 3rd consecutive day, but snow depth declined only 1" to 6" on day 19 of February snow cover. This puts 2010 into a tie with 1979 for 2nd place. Average snow depth for the month so far is 10.6".

Snow depth at Dulles is 8" and BWI is at 6".

Feb. 19 AM Update: Day 18, snow depth 7". This year is now in sole possession of 3rd place, one day away from 1979.

Feb. 18 AM Update: This morning's snow depth is 9". This February's count of 17 days with snow on the ground is now tied with 1961 for 3rd place.

Original post:
With a late January snowstorm and two monster February storms, Washington, DC has now had measurable snow on the ground for 16 out of the first 17 days this month. This morning's measurement showed a remaining depth of 10" after reaching a high of 21" on the 11th.

A CapitalClimate analysis of daily data since measurements began at or near the current National Airport location in 1930 shows that 2010 has now tied with 2003 for the number of days in February with 1" or more on the ground. That puts this year tied for 4th place, behind 1961, 1979, and 1934. Barring an unforeseen meltdown, the 1961 3rd place record of 17 will be tied tomorrow. With temperatures expected to remain in minimal melting territory through the rest of the week, the 80-year record of 20 days in 1934 could be tied on Sunday the 21st.

Image (click to enlarge): Washington, DC February daily snow depth for 2010 and historical comparison; CapitalClimate chart from National Weather Service data

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