Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pittsburgh Near All-Time Record Monthly Snowfall

Feb. 25 Update: The record was broken today.

Evening Update: Although Pittsburgh's average temperature of 23.3° for February so far is 5.8° below normal, it's significantly higher than the 20.9° recorded in 2007. Only 14" of snow fell that month, a little over a third as much as this year.

On the other hand, the average in January 1978, the current snowiest month, was 0.7° colder. That month, in turn, was over 11° warmer than the previous January, in which more than a foot less of snow fell.

Original post:
Today's trace of snow at Pittsburgh as of 5 pm failed to increase the total, but yesterday's 1.4" raised the monthly snowfall for February to 40.0". This is within 0.2" of the all-time snowiest month of January 1978 in Pittsburgh. The top snowiest months are:
40.2 JANUARY 1978.  
40.0 FEBRUARY 2010.
36.3 DECEMBER 1890.
34.1 MARCH 1993.
32.3 NOVEMBER 1950.
The monthly total so far is nearly 15" more than the old February record of 25.3" set in 2003. The long-term February average is 8.5".

The seasonal total of 68.2" is the 8th highest on record:
82.0 1950-51.  
78.5 1913-14.
76.8 1993-94.
76.0 1960-61.
74.5 1995-96.
72.1 1992-93.
70.7 1969-70.
68.2 2009-10.
40.6 NORMAL.
Normal amounts for the remainder of the season are:
February 3.3"
March 7.9"
April 1.5"
Snowfall records for Pittsburgh began in 1884.

The National Weather Service forecasts the next chance of snow, other than snow showers, to be Sunday night Feb. 21 or Monday Feb. 22.

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