Sunday, September 13, 2009

U.S. Has 30th Coolest August, 34th Coolest Summer

Images (click to enlarge): August and summer 2009 average temperature ranks from National Climatic Data Center

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The National Climatic Data Center posted its preliminary analysis of August temperatures on Thursday. Continuing a trend of cooler-than-average temperatures in the Midwest and Northeast, August was the 30th coolest on record, and meteorological summer (June-August) was the 34th coolest. Unlike July, however, when records were set in 6 states, no statewide records were set. The coolest states relative to average were:

Missouri 11th coolest
Kansas 12 coolest

On the other hand, several Northeastern states were in the top 10 warmest:

Delaware 8th warmest
New Jersey 8th warmest
Maine 9th warmest
Rhode Island 10th warmest
Connecticut 10th warmest

For the U.S. as a whole, the temperature of 72.2°F was 0.6°F below the 20th Century average.

The summer average of 71.7°F was 0.4°F below the 20th Century average. In the top 10 coolest summer category were:

Michigan 5th coolest
Wisconsin 7th coolest
Minnesota 7th coolest
South Dakota 7th coolest
Nebraska 8th coolest
Iowa 9th coolest

In the top 10 warmest category:

Florida 4th warmest
Washington 8th warmest
Texas 9th warmest

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