Sunday, July 26, 2009

Record Summer Cold in Minnesota

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The Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) weather blog Updraft had a review last week of record cool temperatures in the state for the first half of meteorological summer. Some highlights:
-International Falls has been cooler than average every day this month. The average temperature so far in July is 57 degrees, which will set the record for the coldest July ever (59.4 degrees in1992) if it holds the rest of the month. The Nation's Icebox has set 5 new daily record low temperatures set this month, including a low of 37 degrees Sunday.

-St. Cloud set a new record low of 43 degrees Sunday.

-Saturday set several new record cold maximum temperatures around the region, including a high of just 65 degrees in the Twin Cities.
Unlike some ideologically-driven climate blogs, however, they note that the cool Midwest and Northeast have very little relevance in the larger climate picture:
Cool summer? Not!

For a snack of snark with your lack of fries, check out Blog of the Moderate Left:
Minnesota: it’s Cold! Who Could Have Imagined?

And if you'd like some capital with your climate, join Nate Silver's wager:
A Challenge to Climate Change Skeptics

Image (click to enlarge): Average temperatures and departures from normal July 1-24, from Climate Prediction Center/National Weather Service/NOAA

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