Thursday, June 18, 2009

WaPo is "Shocked, Shocked":
Lobbying is being committed in the climate casino!

Let me see if I've got this straight. The Heartland organization, with a
known track record
of policy advocacy and bogus science, holds a PR fest in NYC in March, and the intrepid junior journalist from Capital Weather Gang/WaPo proves he's the next Woodward/Bernstein by dutifully regurgitating a standard corporate-media "he said, he said" piece pimping a false equivalence between the Heartland's PR and a real conference in Copenhagen. Then Bullwinkle and Bast's Traveling Bad Medicine Show takes a ride on the shuttle and sets up its tents in Spin City. Our jr. journo finds a decoder ring in his Froot Loops and has a great revelation: There's lobbying going on in the climate casino. Then, after more than 2 weeks of brewing (original conference date: June 2) in the bowels of the WaPo editorial bureaucracy, this news flash emerges: The policy advocacy group is actually advocating policy!

Tell me again: Who was it who reversed position?
Is smoking still good for you?
Is Al Gore still fat?
And where should the Pulitzer Committee mail the Prize for Disingenuous Reporting?

Who subsidizes this incompetent and/or dishonest foolishness (besides the slave-labor union-busting "bloggers" who work for sub-sub-minimum wage at WaPo online)? Let's take a glance at the WaPo's carbon-based edition.
  • Today (June 18): Page A5, full-page color ad, Heartland Institute:
    "Let's make global warming about the science again . . ."
  • Yesterday (June 17): Page A5, full-page color ad, Heartland Institute:
    "The debate over global warming is supposed to be about science . . . "
  • Tuesday (June 16): Page A18, full-page color ad, Heartland Institute:
    "More than 31,000 American scientists have signed a petition . . ."
Image: From Heartland Institute

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