Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy No Snow Day!

April 10 is the earliest date in the year on which no measurable snow has ever been observed in Washington, DC. A trace fell on this date in 1975. An inch or more has occurred as late as the 12th, when 2" fell in 1918. The latest measurable amount was 0.5" on the 28th in 1898.

The most snow on a single day in April was 5.5" on April 1, 1924. That also made April 1924 the snowiest April.

A trace of snow has been observed 4 times in May:
May 1, 1963
May 5. 1993
May 9, 1923
May 10, 1906

Official snowfall records in Washington began in 1888.


S.P. Gass said...

Perhaps we'll get some measurable snow early next week...

CapitalClimate said...

The odds would be strongly against it at this point.

S.P. Gass said...

Looks like you were right. No snow.

CapitalClimate said...

Tomorrow (April 21) is the earliest date on which snow has never (not even a trace) been observed.

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