Saturday, December 6, 2008

2008: Coolest Year in Decade

An article posted yesterday on the UK Guardian web site reports that 2008 is on track to be the coolest on average since 2000. The preliminary estimate by the UK Met Office is scheduled to be released formally next week. Based on data through October, the global yearly average is expected to be near 14.3°C, which is 0.14°C below the 2001-2007 average. Although the news is likely to be cheered on squawk radio and denialist web sites (It's already being featured here), the article notes:
The relatively chilly temperatures compared with recent years are not evidence that global warming is slowing however, say climate scientists at the Met Office. "Absolutely not," said Dr Peter Stott, the manager of understanding and attributing climate change at the Met Office's Hadley Centre. "If we are going to understand climate change we need to look at long-term trends."
The Guardian report is the most viewed article on the web site in the last 24 hours, and the second most viewed in the last 7 days.

Image: Long term global temperature trend from Climatic Research Unit, via UK Guardian

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