Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tropical Update: Area Near Puerto Rico Watched for Development

A low pressure area now centered near the eastern Dominican Republic has brought major flooding to parts of Puerto Rico over the last several days. At least 4 deaths have been blamed on the storm, which has produced as much as 20 inches of rain in some southern parts of the island.

The stormy area has been investigated several times, including this afternoon, by aircraft reconnaissance. Although the potential for tropical cyclone development is rated high (greater than 50%), so far there is no sign of a closed circulation. A tropical depression could develop at any time, however. If it develops further, it will become Tropical Storm Kyle.

The forecast models move the potential storm toward the northwest, possibly threatening the U.S. Atlantic coast.

Images: Precipitation total through 8 am this morning from NWS/NOAA, infrared satellite view from SSD/NOAA.

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