Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tropic Thunder: Fay Finally Forming?

Update:The National Hurricane Center has issued a Special Tropical Disturbance Statement indicating that the low pressure area has not yet developed into a tropical depression, but that cyclone formation could occur at any time in the next couple of days.

After a lull through most of the first half of August, the tropical Atlantic is heating up again. A stormy area which has tracked westward to near the Virgin Islands is looking more organized today. The National Hurricane Center is now giving this a high probability of development into a tropical cyclone in the next couple of days as it moves towards the Bahamas and Florida. If a storm does develop, it will be called Tropical Storm Fay.

A reconnaissance flight now investigating the area has already reported surface winds as high as 34 knots (39 mph). Jeff Masters notes in his blog on Weather Underground that conditions appear favorable for further development. Radar images from the area are showing signs of rotation.

Image from Martinique radar, METEO France

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