Wednesday, January 30, 2008

International House of Snowflakes

Wild Winter Weather Hits China, Israel

Some statistics this morning from site visitor Augusta Jim would indicate that the very long-term snow trend is not negative, but as Matt pointed out, La Niña may be limiting our flaky fortunes through February. If we don't get the snow, who does?

Manufacturing jobs and cash may not be the only things Washington is exporting. China is having its worst winter weather in about 50 years. CNN quoted the Xinhua news agency:
"The heavy snow and sleet has paralyzed transport and coal shipments, and led to travelers cramming railways stations and airports and power supply reductions in almost half of the 31 provinces and regions on the Chinese mainland."
CNBC reported on air this morning that coal exports had been halted and that coal inventories were down to an eight-day supply. And China isn't the only international location making local snow lovers jealous.

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