Monday, September 24, 2007

Equinoctal Equanimity
Summery conditions continue


Sunny, warm, low humidity. Although the equinox is frequently a time of turmoil in the atmosphere, this autumnal one is passing very calmly (perhaps boringly) in the Mid Atlantic region following yesterday morning's beginning of astronomical fall. See Today in Weather History to the right for a much different scenario.

Today's noon sun angle of 50.4° was well below the peak of 74.5° in June, but the crystal clear skies and the subsiding air from a strong ridge of high pressure have helped push regional temperatures into the 80s by mid afternoon. A southerly breeze was keeping Quantico the lone exception at 78°. Dewpoints have crept up slightly, but are still very comfortable in the upper 40s and low 50s. chart based on Eq. 2.9 in Stull, "Meteorology for Scientists and Engineers", photo © Kevin Ambrose

Tonight and Tomorrow

Clear, mild to very warm. Lows tonight under clear skies and calm winds will range from 59-62° in urban areas to the low and mid 50s in the cooler 'burbs. Tomorrow will again be sunny and very warm with highs 86-90° and a little more humidity.

For the outlook through the rest of the week and into the weekend, scroll on down to Jason's post below.

Tropical Topics

Jerry, the 10th named storm of the season, developed from a subtropical system in the middle of the Atlantic over the weekend and reached tropical storm strength before being downgraded to a depression today. It was never any threat to land, and it is expected to be absorbed quickly by a strong non-tropical system.

The National Hurricane Center is also watching several other areas for possible development:
  • a tropical wave approaching the Lesser Antilles
  • a large low pressure area in the eastern Atlantic
  • an area of strong showers and thunderstorms in the southwestern Gulf of Mexico
Each of these has the potential to become a tropical cyclone in the next couple of days.

Job Listing

Polish up your resume. Bob King's "Eye on the Storm" blog in the online PaBePo has the NOAA job announcement for the new Director of the National Hurricane Center, pay range $111,676 to $168,000. Deadline for applications is Oct. 24.

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