Wednesday, June 6, 2007

D-Day: Delightful, Delicious, Delectabale


Sunny, warm, low humidity. It's an exceptionally fine June afternoon here in the national capital region. Following a cold frontal passage last night the temperatures are in the mid to upper 70s throughout the area, and dewpoints are in the very comfortable 40s. Some scattered showers were observed overnight, but amounts were generally under 0.10"; National recorded 0.01" and Dulles had nothing. A warmup tomorrow will lead to hotter and stickier conditions for Friday.

Temperature chart at 3pm today from Unisys shows a wide range of temperatures along the east coast and the 90s poised to return for Friday

Tonight and Tomorrow

Mostly clear, becoming warmer and more humid. Lows tonight under clear skies will be in the upper 50s to near 60° in urban areas and the low 50s to possibly even some upper 40s in the outlying areas. Tomorrow will be sunny, warmer and becoming more humid with highs 84-87°.

For the outlook through the rest of the week and weekend, scroll on down to Dan's post below.

Tropical Topics: Gonu

Tropical Cyclone Gonu headed more northerly this morning with the center staying off the coast of Oman, but tens of thousands of people were evacuated, the country's oil exports were suspended, and a major port was closed. Oil markets this morning seemed to be more concerned with the weekly inventory figures, but the possibility of Persian Gulf export disruption remains as the weakening storm continues on a track toward the Straits of Hormuz.

Climate Corner

In conjunction with the G8 Summit currently being held in Germany, the UK Met Office has published a projection produced by the Hadley Centre for Climate Change showing the expected high temperature for the year 2057 in each of the G8 capitals. The highest predicted reading of 42.1°C is right here in Spin City, a 5°C increase from the current average yearly high. (For the Fahrenheit freaks, that's a not-so-kewl 107.8°).

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