Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Excessive Heat: Record-Breaking or Broken Record?


Very Hot: Barring a very unlikely 3°F jump between hours, the official Washington temperature record for today appears intact. Instead, it's "just" another 90°+ day, adding to July's 14 (which Matt notes below), June's 5, and May's 2. Nevertheless, the combination of temperatures in the high 90s and dewpoints in the mid 70s has produced heat index values in the area approaching, and even exceeding in a few instances, 110. No rain is visible anywhere on regional radar, so be prepared to swelter through tonight as the Excessive Heat Warning continues into Thursday.

Tonight and Tomorrow

Excessively hot: Temperatures will remain very warm overnight, with lows unlikely to break below 80° in urban areas. The cooler 'burbs could reach the mid 70s. Tomorrow will be a little hotter than today, with highs near 100° and heat index values as high as 110-115. There is virtually no chance of a thunderstorm through tomorrow.

Scroll down to Jason's post below for a heat wave chronology and outlook through the weekend.

Tropical Topics

Despite yesterday's pessimistic prospects for development, the tropical wave east of the Leeward Islands became TD 3 last night and Tropical Storm Chris this morning with maximum winds of 40 mph, increasing to 45 mph as of the late afternoon advisory. The forecast track brings the storm on a traditional track through the Bahamas this weekend and onward toward south Florida.

"Washington Coverup"

Having dealt with the subject of shade in general during one of last year's heat waves, the WaPo's Style section turns its attention today to the subject of umbrellas and their use as sun shades.

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