Friday, March 3, 2006

Old Man Winter: Not Dead Yet

Undetected by all but the hardiest night owls (You know who you are!), some light snow showers drifted through the Washington DC metro area with an Arctic frontal passage around 2 to 3am this morning. Bright, sunny skies and low humidity are accompanied by brisk northwesterly winds gusting to near 30 mph this afternoon. Temperatures are generally in the mid 40s.

Tonight will be quite cold, but this is after all mid Atlantic March, and a building high pressure ridge through the middle of the country will allow gradual moderation through the weekend. The snow lovers' hopes for some action on Monday continue to fade as the models keep showing a weak system moving out to sea through the Carolinas.

Tonight and Tomorrow

Under clear skies, temperatures should range from lows tonight in the mid 20s to highs tomorrow near a seasonable 50. Winds will continue brisk, especially tomorrow afternoon.

Geeky Gizmos

Oregon Scientific is distinguished for innovative weather sensor designs at low-end prices. I am quite satisfied with my 2 units, although I am planning an upgrade to a more professional level. The NY Times technology section has a review of their latest innovation, a mirror which displays readings from a remote sensor in blue numbers and orange icons. Apparently, the idea is that you can save time in the morning by getting the weather report at the same time you're combing your hair. This strikes me as about as practical as a combination cell phone/microwave.

On the Omnimedia

Weather Talkers Pann and Berk are scheduled to discuss global warming on their radio show on Sunday at 3:05 on Baltimore's WCBM-680AM.

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