Monday, March 27, 2006

Marching Into Spring

On Sunday, Jason declared winter over, and I can now confirm that it's official. I've seen my first dandelions of the year, and fortunately they're in my NEIGHBOR's yard. (Thank you, Greenturf!) Under brilliantly blue skies, temperatures this afternoon in the Washington DC metro area are pushing close to the average high for late March. Most reporting locations were sunny and in the upper 50s by mid afternoon.

As the nearly complete lack of precipitation approaches the end of its 5th week (0.25" fell on Feb. 22), there is a chance of showers late tomorrow from a storm system moving eastward out of the Missouri Valley. The chances look better from the next system on Saturday, however.

Tonight and Tomorrow

Lows tonight under mostly clear skies will be near 40 in the city, down to the mid 30s in the colder 'burbs. Tomorrow will be mostly cloudy with highs in the upper 50s and a 40% chance of showers in the late afternoon or evening.

Media Climate

Confirming Dan's assertion that the media are starting to "get it" about the story of climate change, this week's Time Magazine has a cover package of articles on global warming. The main article refers to the Science Magazine glacial melting paper we cited here last Thursday. I still haven't seen any reference to it, however, in the Local Paper of Record of the Capital of the Free World. Whassup, WaPo? You had plenty of space for an A-section full-page color ad from Chevron-Texaco today.

Time online also has a link to an ABC News special report on the subject.

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