Monday, October 31, 2005

Bootiful, Spooktacular Weather: Monstrously Mild

It isn't enough to threaten the Washington Halloween record of 85 set in 1950, but today's warmth is much more in line with the highs of 70 and 79 of the last two Halloweens than the nasty 47 of 2002. Despite the Frost Advisory, the low last night at Afternoon Blog Central here in Montgomery County didn't even break 40; the official low was 42. There is not a cloud in the sky for hundreds of miles around as temperatures climbed into the low 70s this afternoon.

Tonight and Tomorrow

With the very low humidity, temperatures will drop quickly after dark, but they will still be mild for the season, mainly in the 50s at Trick-or-Treat time. Lows in the early morning should be in the low 40s in the suburbs to upper 40s downtown. Tomorrow will again be sunny and mild, highs in the low 70s.

Tropical Beat

The tropics are calming down following the dissipation of Beta yesterday over Nicaragua. The last advisory was issued at 10pm last night.

There is a tropical wave in the eastern Caribbean which is not showing signs of development.

Broadcast News

Bird watchers, who are at least as obsessive-compulsive as weather nerds, got a dividend from the recent hurricanes when sea birds were blown hundreds of miles away from their usual habitats. NPR had an interview yesterday with the president of the South Alabama Birding Association on the subject.

Energy Watch

CNBC reported this morning that natural gas prices were dropping this morning by as much as 6% to a 6-week low, although they are still nearly double the levels of last year. We are finishing this month with about 10% fewer heating degree days than normal in the Washington area. We'll have more on this as the heating season develops.

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